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Healing Benefits of Sunlight

We have been bombarded with the idea that the sun is dangerous and that is causes skin cancer right? Actually exposure to UVB light is protective against melanoma, what is dangerous is UVA light.

Since ancient times cultures have been using the sun to heal all kinds of illnesses but now we live in a modern world where we are indoors most of the day and on top of it exposed to lots of blue light (which lead to illness).

Besides vitamin D (which most of us are deficient in) other benefits that sunlight has:

  • Sunlight kills bad bacteria

  • Treats skin disease

  • Lowers cholesterol

  • Lowers inflammation

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Increase oxygen in the blood

  • Strengthens immune system

  • Enhances mood and energy

  • Helps regulate melatonin

So make sure you expose yourself to a bit of sun each day, go for a walk outside, a swim at the beach, or play with your kids outside. Make sure your arms and legs are exposed and not covered. But wait before you do that, make sure you check if UVB light is present or more UVA light.

How to know when there is UVB vs UVA light?

UVB rays only penetrate the atmosphere when the sun is above an angle of about 50° from the horizon. When the sun is lower than 50°, UVA-rays are more present.

Download the app ‘D Minder’ so you can know the current angle of your city. If its lower than 50 degrees above the horizon -do not expose your skin to the sun because you will expose yourself to more UVA rays.

Also UVB is what allows the productions of Vitamin D, so if UVB is not present, your body cannot produce Vitamin D from the sun.


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