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Toxic Free Beauty Products

Did you know that the average woman wears 515 chemicals a day!! Isn't that just crazy? This includes: perfume, hair products, makeup, face creams, botox, body creams, nail polish and the list goes on.

Our skin is our largest organ, so whatever you put on your skin gets absorbed straight into your bloodstream. When you use toxic products you are adding a stressor to your system, because it has to now work hard to detox and get rid of these chemicals. So if you ditch the toxic products, your body can now use that "time" for something better such as growing heathy hair and nails.

Here is a few of my recommendations if you are looking to make the switch to natural products.


Lips- RMS Lip2cheek (can also use for cheeks)

Hair Care

Conditioner- Carina Organics

Hair Spray- Carina Organics


I wash my body with Dr. Bronner's liquid soap and for deodorant I make my own! Which really does work and its super simple & cheap. I have a separate blog post with the recipe.


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