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Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Staying healthy while travel is very important, change of time zones, airplanes, stress from traveling, airports, can really bring down your immune system and you are more exposed to bacteria and viruses.

Along the years I've learned different ways to keep myself healthy while travel.

1. I never ever eat plane food! I always take my own meals and snacks, especially if its an international flight. The key is to be prepared. I usually make a meal that consists of quinoa, vegetables, and a protein (such as chicken or wild salmon) with avocado.

2. When you are on the plane, wipe down your area with wipes and natural anti-bacterial spray. I make my own out of Young Living Thieves Essential Oil. (Especially your head rest area)

3. I wear an Airtamer A310 around my neck, which is a mini personal air purifier. It uses a technology that emits negative ions into the air and pushes away pollutants from your breathing zone.

4. I take my blue light blocker glasses when I am on an international flight, incase I want to watch movies at night.

5. I use No-Jet-Lag Homeopathic Jet Lag Prevention- for international flights to help combat jet lag symptoms.

6. I use EMF NES Infoceuticals- Planes have a lot of EMF (Electromagnetic Frequencies) aka Radiation, especially now that planes offer Wifi, its important to have some sort of protection. What these drops do is they works with your body-field to correct any damage from radiation exposure.

7. I inhale a couple of drops of Young Living Thieves Oil and put a couple of drops on the bottom of my feet and neck.

8. I always travel with an emergency first aid kit of Oregano Oil, Probiotics, Vitamin C, & Essential Oils.

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