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Insta Pot Coconut Yogurt

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

I have finally perfected the coconut yogurt recipe! My favorite coconut yogurt is from the brand Rebel Kitchen from the UK, unfortunately all the coconut yogurts you find in the supermarkets in Miami have nasty ingredients or loaded with sugar, so I am happy to share this recipe with you guys!


2 can Native Forest Organic Simple Coconut Milk

2 tbsp Shady's Organic Maple Syrup Grade A (This is an important part of the fermentation process, because bacteria need to feed on the sugar).

1 tsp Great Lakes Gelatin (orange bottle)

Suggested Toppings

-fresh berries

-cinnamon powder


1. First step is to put the coconut milk in the insta pot, press the yogurt button and then the adjust button 2x until it says boil. Let it boil to 180F and once it is done check with the thermometer that it has reached 180F. You might have to do this 2x for it to reach 180 degrees.

2. Next step, let the coconut milk cool to 110F, this will take about an hour or more. This step is super important, because if you place the probiotics too soon it will kill the bacteria.

3. Once you have reached 110F, you place 2 tbsp Maple syrup and 1 scoop of the probiotics (Do not skip this step, the bacteria needs a sugar to feed on)

4. Then you press the yogurt button again and let it cook for 20 hours.

5. Once it is done, you place the yogurt in the blender with 1 tsp gelatin (It will be runny at this point)

- Place it in a jar, with the lid open so it can cool and start to thicken.

- Leave for 4 hours in the fridge so it can finish fermenting and thicken.

- Once this is done, you will see that the yogurt has thickened!


Keep 1/2 cup of yogurt to make a new batch without having to use the probiotic yogurt starter again. Instead of place the scoop of probiotics, you will place the 1/2 cup from your last batch of yogurt.

Each step is very important to follow! If you skip any step, the results will change.

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