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Updated: Dec 21, 2018

Shopping at Daylesford Organic Farmshop

My Top Restaurants to Eat in London

  1. Daylesford is without a doubt one of my favorite organic restaurants and farmshops. All their products come from their sustainable organic farm in the Cotswolds. This is the true definition of farm to table.

  2. Farmacy- It is an organic, plant based restaurant, with many gluten free options. I really loved their buckwheat pancakes, "melt away" syringe shot, and the adaptogenic latte that had reishi, chaga, ho shou wu, maca, vanilla protein powder, & coconut milk.

  3. Wild Food Cafe- For their smoothies and raw desserts

Organic Stores

  1. As Nature Intended- Besides carrying organic vegetables and proteins. They carry my favorite coconut yogurt by the brand Rebel Kitchen, as well as many gluten free treats and snacks.

  2. Windfall Natural- I loved that they sold Bone Broth here and many organic and gluten free options for snacks. They also have a great range of natural supplements.


1. Haybarn Spa Brompton Cross- a wellness space with healing treatments and classes.

2. Pimlico Road Farmer's Market (Every Saturday 9am-1pm)- Lots of organic options of vegetables, meats, dairy, local honey.

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