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Not only does NYC have a lot of organic and healthy options to eat, but also some of the best wellness practitioners!

My Favorite Restaurants & Cafes

1. Dr. Smood- I literally love everything they have from their drinks to the food options.

2. ABC Kitchen- I love going here when in the mood for a fancier organic dinner

3. Springbone Kitchen- Paleo heaven!

4. Bareburger- For grassfed burgers

5. Brodo- Broth heaven!

6. Quartino Bottega Organica- Organic Italian restaurant with many gluten free alternatives, I love that they support local farms.

7. Le Pain Quotidien- My favorite is their gluten free avocado toast with egg.


1. The Piper Center- Tracey is my go to girl when it comes to keep my colon health and clean.

2. Space by Mama Medicine- Deborah aka Mama Medicine for her Medicine Readings

3. The Class by Taryn Toomey- When in the mood for a mind & body workout!

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